Faculty and Staff Permit Types

UCLA Transportation issues a variety of permit types that grant specific parking privileges. You may also download the Parking Privileges PDF for more details and to keep for future reference. If your assigned parking lot or structure is full or if you are unable to locate an available space in your assigned area, please go to any Information & Parking Booth

Common Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

Yellow (Non-Reserved) Permit
Available to all UCLA employees who are eligible for parking. It allows the permit holder to park in a specifically assigned parking area and generally does not permit mobility on campus prior to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

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Blue (Mobility) Permit
Facilitates a high level of mobility on campus. This permit is for UCLA employees who, by the nature of their work, are required to move frequently from one area of campus to another.

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Night Permit
Convenient for employees who work evening hours and weekends. Night Permits are valid after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on Saturday and Sunday. Night Permits can be purchased online through the Bruin ePermit System.

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Weekend Permit
Valid from noon Friday until 7 a.m. Monday morning in most yellow stalls in numbered parking areas. Weekend Permits can be purchased online through the Bruin ePermit System.

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X (Preferred) Permit
Allows the highest level of mobility. It is intended for faculty and staff who frequently need to move about campus.

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Other Faculty and Staff Parking Permits

Two-Person, Three-Person, and Four-Person Carpool Permits (reduced-fee)
Two-person carpool permits will have either Yellow or Blue Permit privileges based on what the primary holder is assigned by their department.

The primary lot assignment will also be determined by the primary permit holder’s department.

  • Employee carpools must have at least two (2) UCLA employees working at least 43.75% time.
  • The primary work location of each employee must be on the UCLA campus during the duration of the parking permit issued.
  • Carpool members must ride together at least three (3) days per week, Monday through Friday, and live in areas that facilitate a logical commute pattern.
  • Carpools can be issued on a monthly auto-renew or quarterly basis depending upon eligibility; quarterly carpools are not automatically renewed and a new application must be submitted each quarter. Note: Staff/Faculty carpools that include student members will only be eligible for quarterly permits.
  • One employee is designated the primary permit holder.
  • Employee carpool members may be eligible to join the Bruin Commuter Club (BCC). BCC provides access to special incentives and benefits including discounted daily parking when you need it. Click here for more information and to register.
  • Carpool members do not qualify for UCLA's subsidized transit programs (e.g., BruinGO!, Go Metro, LADOT, City of Santa Clarita Transit, or Antelope Valley Transit Authority).
  • Carpool members may not participate in a UCLA Vanpool.

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Clean Fuel Vehicle Permit

Only Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV’s) are eligible for a UCLA Clean Fuel Permit. Cars that meet these requirements are 100% battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell electric. To determine if your vehicle is a Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV), go to the California Air Resources Board website and check that your vehicle's “Exhaust Standard” is listed as “ZEV”.

When requesting a Clean Fuel permit through the Bruin ePermit System, you will need to submit a copy of your current vehicle registration. If you are not the registered owner, you must also provide proof of insurance. The insurance card must have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and permit holder's name on it.

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Courtesy Permits
Faculty, staff, and students of the University are not eligible to purchase or use any type of courtesy parking.

For volunteers, donors, and clinical faculty who provide uncompensated services to UCLA, and who are on campus no more than two (2) times per week and no more than four (4) hours each visit.

If a volunteer is on campus more than four hours, two days a week, a full-fee permit should be purchased for them. A written request for a Courtesy Permit must be made in advance by the department's Commute Coordinator to Parking Services for approval.

Donors may obtain Courtesy Permits through the External Affairs Department.

Hospital Volunteers may obtain Courtesy Permits through the Hospital Volunteer Office or the NPI Volunteer Office.

Clinical Faculty who qualify for this type of permit should go to their Commute Coordinator.

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Emeriti and Retiree Permits
Issued to retired faculty and staff. 

In order to obtain emeriti or staff retiree parking, follow these instructions:

1. Contact the Emeriti and Staff Retiree Center at (310) 825-7456 to verify your years of service. The Emeriti and Staff Retiree Center will then confirm your years of service with UCLA Transportation.

2. Call UCLA Transportation at (310) 794-7433 to discuss your parking options. Your parking options will vary depending on your years of service.

  • You may either:
    • Obtain a Ridecard at no charge from UCLA Transportation. Ridecards offer a discounted daily parking rate.
    • Or purchase an annual permit.

 3. Pay up front for your new permit. Submit payment by:

  • Credit card or eCheck for virtual permits through the Bruin ePermit system.
  • Cash, check, or credit card in person at the UCLA Transportation lobby. Your physical permit will be given to you at that time.
  • Check made payable to UC Regents and mailed to UCLA Transportation, 555 Westwood Plaza, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90095. Your permit will be mailed to the address you provide.

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Departmental Mobility Loading Zone Permits
Offered to departments requiring frequent short-term access to UCLA loading zones, for 20 minutes or less. This permit is authorized for official UCLA business only, and is valid for loading and unloading in official loading zones (excluding Structure 8 and 9), and is valid for short-term parking in yellow stalls in numbered areas except Structure 5. A vehicle displaying this permit must also have a valid ePermit. A request for this permit should include a detailed written justification of need.

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Temporary Loading Zone Permits
An individual Temporary (20-minute period) Loading Zone Permit may be requested by any valid permit holder at any Information & Parking Booths. This permit should be requested only by an individual if required to make occasional trips away from their primary parking area for pick up or delivery of University business.

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