Parking Rules & Regulations

Parking at UCLA is regulated by the California Vehicle Code and by the official UCLA Parking Regulations. UCLA parking policies are designed to maximize service and availability to our parking customers.

To ensure a hassle-free parking experience at UCLA, please familiarize yourself with the following rules, policies, and regulations before parking on campus.

  • The operator of the motor vehicle is responsible for compliance with all parking rules and regulations including finding a legal parking space and understanding where and when a parking permit is valid.
  • The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a space to park. Lack of space is not considered valid justification for violation of UCLA parking regulations.
  • The garaging of vehicles is prohibited except for residence hall tenants with the appropriate permit to park long-term in selected parking structures and lots. 
  • Under the authority delegated to Parking Services by the Chancellor, no individual or department other than Parking Services may grant parking privileges on campus. All parking permits and access cards issued to users of the parking system remain the property of the University.

The University Reserves the Right To:

  • Refuse issuance of a parking permit.
  • Audit information supplied by students who were granted parking.
  • Revoke student parking privileges for up to four (4) years for students who:

- Do not respond to an audit

- Do not supply sufficient documentation for an audit

- Alter or duplicate a permit

- Purchase or use another person's permit

  • Issue citations for illegal parking as authorized by the California Vehicle Code.
  • Change parking assignments or privileges as deemed necessary.
  • Restrict the use of any parking stall, area, structure, or surface lot at any time.
  • Temporarily or permanently relocate permit holders as needed.
  • Determine enforcement hours for all campus parking rules and regulations.
  • Determine the mode of parking for any area at any time (e.g., self-park or stack park, etc.)

Towing & Booting

California Vehicle Code Sections 22651 (I) and 22651.7: When any vehicle is found upon a highway and known to have been issued five or more parking violations over a period of five or more days, and the owner or person in control of the vehicle has not responded, the vehicle may be impounded until that person furnishes to the impounding law enforcement agency evidence of their identity and an address within this state at which they can be located and satisfactory evidence that the bail has been deposited for all notices of parking violations for the vehicle. These codes are enforced in all UCLA campus streets, parking lots, and structures.


The Regents of the University of California are not and shall not be liable under any circumstances for the loss of or damage to vehicles, or contents thereof, parked or garaged in a UCLA lot or structure by fire, theft, or any other cause whatsoever not arising directly from the negligent acts of the Regents of the University or its employees acting within the scope of their employment.