Ticket Codes and Fees

The reason for a ticket is indicated by specific California vehicle codes. Definitions of these codes appear on the back of the ticket and are also listed here for your convenience. Remember to check the date. Avoid additional penalties by paying your citation or properly initiating an appeal on or before the due date. 

Ticket Code (CVC) 

(Effective January 1, 2019)

Code Description
21113A 6$71No permit Displayed
21113A 6A$71Invalid Permit
21113A 6F$71No Proof of Payment
21113A 10$12Patient Courtesy Citation
21113A 10B$12Courtesy Citation
21113A 10C$8Stein Plaza Patient Courtesy Citation
21113A 10D$9Disabled Patient Courtesy Citation
21113A 10E$6BCP Courtesy Citation
21113A 10F$20Alternate All Day Rate Courtesy Citation
21113A 4$58Yellow Curb (No Permit)
21113A 4A$58Yellow Curb Overtime
21113A 3$58White Curb
21113A 1$71Public Grounds
21113A 17$78Zipcar Parking Only
21113A 2$98Red Curb
21113A 2A$98No Stopping
21113A 18$98Oversized Vehicles
21113A 19A$25Unregistered Permit
21113A 19B$177Shared Parking Privilege Misuse
21113A 6B$312Altered Permit
21113A 6(E)$312Not Returned Permit
21113A 6C$312Lost Permit
21113A 6D$312Stolen Permit
21113A 7$55Out of Marked Stall
21113A 9A$390Disabled Lic/Plac Not Displayed
21113A 9C$390Blocking Disabled Access
21113A 9B$390Blocking Disabled Stall
21113A 9$585DP Not Valid
21113A 9D$585DP Misuse
22502B$71Wrong Side of The Street
22502A$7118 Inches From The Curb
22500B$71On a Crosswalk
22500E$71Blocking a Driveway
22500F$71Parked On a Sidewalk
22500H$71Double Parking
22500A $71Parked In An Intersection
22500C$71Parked In a Safety Zone
22500G$71Parked Near Street Construction
22522$390Blocking Crosswalk Ramp
22523B$125Abandoned Vehicle
22500L$390Blocking DP Ramp
22507.8B$390Blocking Disable Access
21113A 12$310Bus Zone No Stopping, Standing or Waiting Permitted
21113A 13$98Blocking Fire Hydrant/Lane
21113A14 = 5200$25No Front Plate
21113A15 = 5204$25Vehicle Out of Registration
21113A 2(B)$78Parking Temporary Reserved Stall
22651.7$150Vehicle Immobilization (Booting)*
21210, 22651(M)$50Bicycle Impound Fee
21211B $98Vehicle Parked in Bike Lane/Path
22526A $98Blocking Intersection

*$150.00 Immobilization (boot) fee. Vehicles booted under this section are required to pay ALL unpaid citations in addition to the boot release fee.