Student Carpool Permit Requirements

Registered student commuters who qualify for a carpool permit during the application period are given priority parking at a discounted rate for a two-person or three-person carpool. A new carpool application must be filled out for each parking period except summer quarter. In each carpool group, the primary member will be responsible for completing the online application and submitting payment via BruinBill. One permit and gate access card will be assigned to the primary member of the carpool group. Please review eligibility guidelines below.

Student Carpool Permit Guidelines

  • Online application must be completed by the primary member (must have a valid driver license).
  • Student carpool members must be registered students for the quarter they need permit access.
  • Primary member is responsible for contacting all members to complete the carpool process by the application deadline.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email from your members confirming or declining their carpool invitation, the carpool application will be incomplete and will not be processed. 
  • Secondary and tertiary members must log in to the online application and confirm or decline their carpool participation by the parking application deadline. 
  • All members must live in areas that facilitate a logical commute pattern (excluding 90024 and residence hall tenants).
  • All members must commute to campus together a minimum of three working days per week.
  • Carpool members cannot purchase any transit passes or participate in any other subsidized programs offered by UCLA Transportation, including the UCLA Vanpool Program.