Student Carpool Permit Requirements

Registered student commuters who qualify for a carpool permit during the application period are given priority parking at a discounted rate for a two-person or three-person carpool. A new carpool application must be submitted for each parking period except summer quarter. In each carpool group, all members will be responsible for submitting a “waitlist” request (excluding law graduates) and a “special permit request” via the Bruin ePermit Portal. The primary carpool member will be responsible for payment. Please review eligibility guidelines below.

Student Carpool Permit Guidelines

  • The online application must be completed by all members by the application deadline.
  • All carpool members must be registered students for the quarter/semester they need permit access.
  • All members must live in areas that facilitate a logical commute pattern (excluding 90024 and residence hall tenants).
  • All members must commute to campus together a minimum of three working days per week.
  • Carpool members cannot purchase any transit passes or participate in any other subsidized programs offered by UCLA Transportation, including the UCLA Vanpool Program.