Student Parking Prioritization Process

UCLA has an extremely limited supply of single occupancy vehicle permits for registered students.  In order to obtain permit access, registered students must fill out the online application on time and follow all application and payment guidelines.

Access to a single occupancy vehicle permit is offered on a prioritization process that determines class standing (graduate or undergraduate status), whether a student is parking as a commuter or residence hall tenant, and which graduate school the student is enrolled in.

Based on the number of available student parking permits, the parking order is as follows: Graduate students, eligible carpools and Regent Scholars, upperclassmen (seniors and juniors), and underclassmen (sophomores and freshmen). Eligible carpool students are given priority within each category.

Please note: If you have more than one residence, you must list the closest residence to UCLA. In addition, students living in the 90024 zip code who are eligible for parking must pay the residence hall rate. Students who are granted parking may be audited at any time.

Student Permit Application Guidelines

If you have extenuating circumstances that you feel necessitate your need to have a car on campus, then you must submit an online parking exemption application and provide supporting documentation by the application deadline. 

  • Registered student commuters, residence hall students, and carpoolers must apply on time and follow all application and payment guidelines.
  • Eligible carpool groups are given priority and pay the discounted rate provided they complete the online application before the deadline.
  • Regent Scholars are guaranteed parking provided they apply by the posted application deadlines.