Vehicle Acquisition & Disposal

General Information

UCLA Transportation is the central service provider for the campus, managing all University vehicle needs. We are responsible for the purchase, maintenance, and disposition of all mobile assets owned and operated on the UCLA campus or associated satellite locations, as per UCOP Policy BUS-8. UCLA Transportation has custodial responsibility to execute registration documents and obtain and dispose of license plates for all University vehicles.

UCLA Fleet represents the campus in its relations with the Department of Motor Vehicles as delegated authority granted by the Chancellor. See BUS-19, Registration and Licensing of University-Owned Vehicles. 

UCLA Transportation utilizes various initiatives to ensure that all campus departments receive the maximum benefits and savings on all vehicle acquisitions, including:

  • Competitive bids for our most common purchases
  • Factory order processes
  • Detailed specification services
  • Researching and preparing submissions for local, state and federal funding opportunities
  • Capital planning and budgeting assistance
  • Strategic replacement planning
  • Intake and dissemination of donated vehicles
  • Vehicle inspections to establish fair-market value
  • Assignment of UCLA vehicle number(s)
  • Assistance in the completion of key forms (e.g., Gift Administration's Deed of Gift Form, Equipment Management's EIMR Form)
  • Addition of vehicles to Fleet Services' Vehicle Management (FA) Tracking System and GPS Program

All services are available year round.

Acquisitions - How Do I Get A Vehicle?

All new acquisitions follow the same process for procurement, starting with vehicle selection. As part of the University’s commitment to meet environmental mandates and clean Air initiatives, UCLA Transportation will purchase alternative fuel vehicles for all campus applications where available.

UCLA Transportation offers versatile vehicle acquisition programs and services to meet individual campus departmental vehicle needs. In collaboration with UCLA Purchasing, UCLA Transportation offers vehicle acquisition options and benefits, including government concession pricing, commercial leases, "Off the Dealer Lot" purchasing and State of California vehicle contracts.

Once a vehicle is selected, the purchase process is implemented to bring the vehicle into service. For those departments without the means to make an outright purchase, UCLA Transportation offers financing options to assist in vehicle procurement.

Disposals - Time For A Change?

UCLA Transportation provides a number of services to help campus departments make the best decisions regarding the utilization and eventual disposal of their vehicles, including vehicle replacement planning, vehicle transfer & remarketing assistance and auction services.


All vehicles financed through UCLA Transportation are required to have a Maintenance Service Plan. Maintenance Service Plans are also available for department-owned vehicles but are not required. For more details on the available Maintenance Service Plan options, please see our Rates & Fees page. 

For more details on our Fleet Maintenance Shop hours of operation or to schedule a vehicle service, please see our Maintenance page.