Vehicle Purchase Process

All vehicle acquisitions follow the process outlined here. Timelines will change depending on the type of vehicle requested, the time of year the request is made and overall vehicle availability. For more information on our typical vehicle procurement timelines by vehicle class, please refer to the Purchase Process & Deadlines table below.


Step NumberDuration      Action
1. Initial Request for Vehicle 1-2 weeks
  • Department completes and submits the Vehicle Request Questionnaire to be added to the request queue. 
2.  Specification 2-8 weeks
  • UCLA Transportation processes the request and begins building reommended specifications for the vehicle based upon the answers provided.
  • Department signs off on the agreed-upon specifications to ensure accuracy on the order.
3. Quote and Approval1-2 weeks
  • UCLA Transportation obtains quote for the vehicle as specified and presented to the department for review.
  • Department determines how to pay for the vehicle, either to use their own departmental funds, or by financing the vehicle through UCLA Transportation (see Financing Options). Department accepts the quote.
  • UCLA Transportation obtains approval from campus senior management to make the purchase.
4.  Purchase Order1 week
  • Department completes and submits a Vehicle Service Request (VSR) and a Vehicle Justification Form (VJF).
  • UCLA Transportation generates a purchase order using the specifications, quote, VSR and VJF. UCLA Transportation works directly with the Campus Purchasing department to finalize details of the purchase order.
5. Build Time3-12 months
  • Once the purchase order is received by the vendor, UCLA Transportation communicates with the manufacturer regarding the factory build schedule and projected delivery timeline.
6. In-Service Preparation1-2 weeks
  • When the vehicle has completed its build, UCLA Transportation coordinates with the vendor to arrange for the delivery of the vehicle to UCLA Campus.
  • UCLA Transportation completes a series of mandatory preparatory services on each and every vehicle before they are released to the customer to ensure that all vehicles arrive in good condition and with the required specifications.
7. Department Pick-Up1 week
  • UCLA Transportation works directly with the department to finalize details of any financing arrangements made for the purchase, and explains all applicable monthly charges on the vehicle.
  • Once the vehicle has completed its preparation, and all necessary documentation has been acquired, UCLA Transportation will coordinate with the department to arrange the release of the vehicle into their custody.