CNG Fueling

UCLA Fleet maintains a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station on campus, with easy street access from Gayley to service UCLA Alternative Fueled Vehicles and assist the public who drive CNG-fueled vehicles.

CNG Fueling Instructions for Clean Energy

Follow these steps when refueling on-campus or off-campus at Clean Energy CNG stations using the Clean Energy Fuel Card:

  1. Connect the fuel nozzle to your vehicle’s CNG fill receptacle. 
  2. Insert your Clean Energy card into the card reader and remove it after the tone. The system may prompt you to select whether or not you would like a receipt. Please make a section at this time.
  3. Enter the vehicle’s current odometer reading and press enter.
  4. Follow on-screen directions to dispense fuel into the vehicle.
  5. Once fueling has been completed, remove the fuel nozzle and return to the card reader if you selected to receive a receipt. If you chose not to receive a receipt, the transaction is completed and you may leave the area.