DMV Pull Notice Program

The University, an employer of drivers, participates in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Employer Pull Notice System (EPN), which provides employers and regulatory agencies with a means of promoting driver safety through the ongoing review of driver records. The EPN program allows an organization to monitor the California Driver License records of employees who drive on the organization's behalf. An employee whose license has had a disqualifying action (suspension or revocation of license or certificate) by the DMV cannot be employed as a driver. Employees considered by the University to have a poor driving record after being evaluated to be a 'negligent' operator by the DMV (based on violation point count) shall not be employed as drivers.

The program assists the employer in identifying a driver:

  • who has been convicted of a driving offense,
  • who is accumulating a negligent operator's record,
  • whose license has been suspended or revoked,
  • who has had any other actions taken against their driving privileges or certificate.

Employee records are reviewed as received from the DMV and copies are forwarded to Campus Human Resources for appropriate personnel actions related to the disposition of driving privileges. Campus departments will be responsible to add new employees and delete employees when they leave the University.

This monitoring will help to improve campus safety by revealing problem drivers or driving behavior. Each campus driver's license validity can be verified and it will help to minimize your liability as an employer.

Driver Safety Coordinator

Email: [email protected]