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Fleet & Transit sponsors a “Safe Driver” Awareness Program for employees who drive a University vehicle in order to perform their job duties. This program educates drivers on defensive driving techniques, consequences of poor driving habits, and the role of individual driver behavior. We are committed to providing safe driving practices and outreach programs to mitigate risk, lower the frequency of vehicular collisions, and reduce campus liability.





SmithSystem ProgramSmith System - Drive Different, Save Lives

SmithSystem is the driver training program used to instruct University drivers on defensive driving best practices and collision avoidance. SmithSystem helps drivers see, think and react to driving challenges in different driving situations and vehicle types.




Who should participate?Who Should Participate?

While we strongly encourage all classification of drivers to participate in Instructor-led training, we have an online version of the class that semi-frequent or occasional drivers can complete directly on their desktop. In order to determine the best training option for your drivers, please refer to the table below:

  • Occupational Driver (drives daily, or more than 25 hours per month)
  • Frequent Driver (drives from 10 to 25 hours per month)
  • Semi-Frequent Driver (drives from 5 to 10 hours per month)
  • Occasional Driver (drives less than 5 hours per month)

Training OptionsTraining

BruinDriveSafe is our new Learning Management System that campus drivers can use to enroll in training. Each department can also have their Driver Safety Training Coordinator (DSTC) enroll drivers in classes. For Instructor-led and online courses, please refer to the DST Coordinator User Guide.

*Employees who take the online training are required to pass the review quiz with a 100% score in order to complete the course. System requirements: Internet Explorer must be used for all online courses.

Instructor LedSmithSystem Online Training*
Basic Driver TrainingForward Motion/Backing
Refresher Training 
Post-Collision Training 
In-Vehicle Training 

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