Graduate Student Bike Rentals

Graduate Student Bike Rentals

In an effort to provide additional commute options for UCLA graduate students, UCLA Transportation has partnered with UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services to offer complimentary bike rentals at various graduate student housing locations. Residents with a valid Bruin ID and UCLA Google Account have access to 48 bikes located at Weyburn Terrace, and residents with a valid Bruin or Housing ID and Google Account have access to 40 bikes located at University Village Apartments.

The University will be reusing bikes from the recently discontinued Bruin Bike Share program to provide this new commute option. Whether riding to finish errands or for fun, these bike rentals provide a healthy and sustainable way for students to move.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are graduate student bike rentals?
  • UCLA Transportation has partnered with UCLA Housing & Hospitality Services to repurpose former Bruin Bike Share bikes for UCLA graduate students. 48 bikes are located at Weyburn Terrace and 40 bikes are located at University Village Apartments. The bikes will be free to use for graduate residents and will work differently than a bike share program. While the bikes are available for short-term use, they will not be regularly relocated to various locations. Residents can check out a bike by completing a mobile rental form, unlocking and returning the bike to the same location.

  • Who is eligible to rent a bike?
  • These bikes are intended for use by graduate student residents living at Weyburn Terrace and University Village Apartments. Residents must be at least 18 years of age or older and the only person riding the bike during the rental. A valid Google Account and Bruin or Housing ID number will be needed to rent a bike.

  • Will the bikes be maintained regularly?
  • Bikes will be repaired on an as-needed basis. Residents can report issues with the bike by scanning the appropriate QR code located on the bike and signs near the bike racks. Please treat these bikes as if they are your own. Once the bikes have gone through their useful life they will not be replaced.

  • How do I rent a bike?
  • Scan the QR code titled Bike Rental located by each bike rack and follow the form instructions to sign the waiver and bike program agreement to retrieve a four-digit combination code. The code will unlock the lockbox attached to the far side of the bike rack and provide you with access to an available bike.

    Match the number on the key tag with your selected bike ID number and use the key to unlock the bike lock. Place the lock in the basket and safely store the key. You are now ready to ride.

  • How do I return a bike after I am done?
  • Once you are ready to return the bike, head to its original location to finish and return your ride.

    Begin the return process by scanning the QR code titled Bike Return to complete the form. You will receive a code for the lockbox. Next, secure the bike’s U-lock to the bike frame and rack. Lastly, return the key to the lockbox and remember to scramble the combination dial.

  • How many bikes are available?
  • At this time there are 48 bikes available at Weyburn Terrace, and beginning in February, 40 bikes will be available at University Village Apartments. Bikes are assigned to specific courtyards and must be returned to their assigned locations. For example, a bike rented from Aloe Court 1 should be returned to the same bike rack.

  • Where can I park a bike?
  • When renting a bike, please park the bike at designated bicycle parking racks located on and nearby the UCLA campus. Bikes cannot be parked at prohibited parking spots, or block stairways, pedestrian and accessibility ramps or any other unapproved spaces. At the end of your ride, please return the bike to its designed parking location. Please see the map of locations for short-term bicycle parking racks on campus.

  • How long can I rent a bike?
  • To ensure that other residents have access to these bikes, return the bike within ten hours.

  • Where can I ride?
  • Bikes may be ridden anywhere on and off campus bicycles are legally allowed to be used. Riders must observe campus policies such as dismounting bikes in designated Dismount Zones along Bruin Walk, Bruin Plaza, Gateway Plaza, and Parking Structure 8 pedestrian corridor.

    Be mindful of children playing in the area if you are renting a bike from a University Village Apartment location. Please walk your bike along pedestrian pathways by the residential buildings.

  • What’s included with the bike?
  • Every bike is equipped with a bell, lock, and front and rear lights. Please store the lock in the basket when using the bike and turn on the front and rear lights when riding at night to increase your visibility to other people and vehicles around you. To lock your bike, secure the frame and one of the wheels to a bike rack using the lock.

  • Are helmets required?
  • Helmets are required to ride bike rentals. Free helmets are available to graduate student residents at the Weyburn Paseo Lobby while supplies last. University Village Apartment residents may request a helmet by contacting the Resident Assistance Office located at 3200 Sawtelle Blvd during office hours. Only one helmet is allowed per eligible resident.

  • Safety Tips
  • Check the following items on your bike to ensure a safe and comfortable riding experience:

    1. Adjust your seat height - Loosen the clamp located underneath the seat post and rotate counter-clockwise. An ideal height is when your leg is slightly bent when the crank is at the bottom of the rotation.

    2. Check the front and rear brakes - The bike should come to a full stop when the handlebar brake levers are engaged during your ride.

    3. Inspect the front and rear tires - Give the tires a squeeze. The tires should feel hard with little give, which indicates good tire pressure. Inspect the tire for any punctures by looking for hard debris, glass, or nails.

    4. Shifting gears for a smoother ride - Like most bikes, you can change the gears when going uphill or downhill. The bike has seven speeds with the shifter located on the right-side of the handlebar. Shift to a higher number, one number at a time, when going downhill to increase pedal resistance and a lower number when climbing uphill.

    Report any issues with the bike before or after your rental by scanning the QR code on the bike or at the signs located by each bike rack.

  • Reporting crashes, damage, and injuries
  • Residents must report any accidents, crashes, damage, personal injuries, or stolen or lost bicycles as soon as possible using the Issue Reporting form located on the bike or at the original bike rental location. If a crash involves personal injury, property damage, or a stolen bike, the resident must file a report with the University of California Police Department within 24 hours.