Part-Time Vanpooling

Even if you are only able to rideshare occasionally, consider vanpooling with a pre-purchased one-way Vanpool Voucher. UCLA students, staff and faculty members can vanpool part-time on a space-available basis. Space availability is determined each day by individual vanpool drivers. Here’s how to catch a part-time ride:

  1. Pre-purchase each Vanpool Voucher from the UCLA Transportation office. Each voucher serves as a one-way ticket on your vanpool. You must have a valid BruinCard to make your purchase, and you may purchase up to 10 vouchers at a time.
  2. Contact customer service at (310) 206-7565 or through their Live Chat application to get the vanpool driver contact information for your desired vanpool route.
  3. Confirm space availability. Contact the vanpool driver(s) to confirm seat availability. You must call on the day the ride is requested.

Unused vouchers are non-refundable. Vouchers do not expire.

Part-Time Checklist

Since part-time riders are not assigned to a specific van and drivers do not expect them to ride regularly, there are several key points that part-time passengers should remember to avoid being left behind.

  • Each time you ride, contact the driver to 1) confirm there is room on the van; 2) confirm where the current pick-up points are; and 3) to let the driver know to expect you.
  • You must purchase your Vanpool Voucher prior to boarding the van. You may not pay on the van or after you have ridden.
  • Always have a backup option in case you are unable to ride the van. Visit our public transit page or view available carpool options.

Note: Part-time riders are not guaranteed a seat. It is your responsibility to think ahead and plan appropriately. 

customer service

Phone: (310) 794-7433
Live Chat Application