Projects Almost On The Road

Program ElementsPaystation

  • Commuter group rides (bicycle trains)
  • Social group rides
  • Bike citation diversion program
  • Bike sharing system
  • Employee commuter loaner bikes
  • Discounted parking available for green commuters at pay stations (Bruin Commuter Club)
  • Mobile payment options for parking

InfrastructureBike share

  • Charles E. Young (CEY) North bike lane/pedestrian signal
  • CEY South bike lane/traffic calming/smoothing
  • Westwood Plaza bike route study
  • Ackerman/Engineering steps bike channel
  • Bike locker system replacement and expansion using new smart card-based electronic bike lockers
  • Bicycle path and pedestrian plaza at South Tiverton
  • CEY West pedestrian improvements and traffic calming
  • Strathmore westbound bike lanes
  • Campus crosswalk upgrades (to continental treatments)