What is a Vanpool?

Ridesharing at UCLA

UCLA Vanpools are currently operating as possible to support medical and other essential functions.

UCLA Vanpools are groups of people who share their commute to campus in a program-provided vehicle. There are approximately 140 UCLA commuter vanpools from 80 Southern California communities coming to UCLA daily. Participants pay a monthly fare—subsidized up to 50% by UCLA Transportation.   

  • Drivers receive a monthly discount on the monthly program cost 
  • Full-time vanpoolers are entitled to the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program 

All participants:

  • Save money on gas, car maintenance, insurance, and parking permits 
  • Save commute time by taking advantage of carpool lanes 
  • Extend personal vehicle life 
  • Relax in a deluxe van equipped with air conditioning, reading lights, and reclining seats 
  • Reduce traffic congestion by taking more vehicles off the road 
  • Help the environment by reducing carbon emissions 

Our Vanpool Incentive Program (VIP) offers free vanpooling for one month for select routes. This free trial is contingent upon the availability of seats for first time participants only. Try the VIP program and share your daily trip with other commuters. 

1. Sign up for the vanpool waitlist                                                                                                     
  • Use the UCLA Trip Planner to find a vanpool near your area. 
  • Log in with your UCLA Logon and apply to join one or more vanpool routes that work for you. 
  • If you do not have a UCLA Logon please contact Bruin Commuter Programs. 
2. Receive an offer 
  • A notification email is sent offering you a seat when a seat is available. 
  • Confirm the seat offer to join the vanpool. Please note: Confirmation responses not received within 24 business hours will be offered to the next person on the waitlist 
3. Attend a new passenger orientation 
  • Requests to participate in the VIP program should be made no later than the day of the new passenger orientation. 

For more information or to participate in this promotion, please contact our customer service team at [email protected] or (310) 794-7433. Please note: UCLA Transportation will not provide refunds to customers who joined the UCLA Vanpool Program prior to receiving this offer. 

Use the UCLA Trip Planner to find vanpool pickup locations, schedules, and fares. If you do not have a UCLA Logon, please contact [email protected] or (310) 794-7433 for route information. 

  1. Go to the UCLA Trip Planner 
  2. Log in with your UCLA Logon 
  3. Enter your zip code for the nearest routes by you 
1. Find out if you are you eligible to join                                                                                                                                                        
2. Apply to join a UCLA Vanpool through the Transportation Office                                                           
  • Use UCLA's trip planning tool to find vanpools from your area. 
  • Log in with your UCLA Logon and apply to join one or more vanpool routes that work for you. 
  • If you do not have a UCLA Logon, please contact Bruin Commuter Programs. 
3. Attend an orientation session 
  • All new vanpool participants must attend an hour orientation at the UCLA Transportation Office.  
  • You must bring a valid ID (BruinCard or photo ID) and payment to your orientation session. 
4. Make your Payment 
  • UCLA Transportation is the only department authorized to administer vanpool payments. Please do not pay drivers or co-drivers. Payment is accepted through the Transportation Office via payroll deduction, BruinBill, or in person. 

Vanpooling is about sharing the drive. Active UCLA faculty, staff, and registered students over 25 years of age are eligible to drive a UCLA Vanpool. Drivers must be reliable and willing to communicate with passengers, co-drivers, and Bruin Commuter Programs (BCP) staff.  

If you are a current participant who is interested in becoming a driver, please contact Bruin Commuter Programs (BCP) via email at [email protected] for more information. New participants must sign up for the vanpool waitlist through the UCLA Trip Planner.

Note for new drivers: Please do not proceed to next steps until contacted by BCP.  

Drivers must meet the following DMV qualifications:  

1. Have a valid California driver license                                                                                                
  • No DUI’s 
  • No more than 2 points on your record.
2. Provide DMV history 
  • Visit the DMV online to request your driver record.
  • Submit your driver record to Bruin Commuter Programs.
3. Complete a DMV medical exam 
  • Schedule an appointment with Occupational Health Services. A copy of the completed medical physical exam certificate will need to be submitted to Bruin Commuter Programs.  
4. Complete a road evaluation test 
  • Contact Bruin Commuter Programs staff to schedule an appointment for your road evaluation test.  
  • Test score must be 80% or above. 
5. Schedule a new driver orientation 
  • Attend a new driver orientation to complete the vanpool driver process. 

UCLA Vanpool fares are based on zones defined by the daily commute miles of each van. Your monthly fare guarantees you a seat on the van and makes you eligible to receive benefits through the Bruin Commuter Club. Some benefits are not eligible to all participants and vanpool zones and fares are subject to change. 

UCLA Staff and Faculty 
  • Initial payment is due on the day of orientation. 
  • Cash, check, credit cards, or payroll deduction for those eligible are accepted. 

UCLA Students 

  • Initial payment is due through BruinBill within five (5) days from the start date of your vanpool. 
  • Cash only payments can be made at the UCLA Transportation lobby. 
Non-UCLA Individuals 
  • Initial payments are due on the day of your orientation. 
  • Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted. 

However you choose to ride UCLA Vanpools, the modest fares are easily outweighed by personal, financial, and environmental benefits of vanpooling.  

Payment Schedule 

  • Monthly fares are due on the 1st of every month.  
  • Late fees will be applied after business hours on the 8th of each month. 
  • Payroll deduction: Fares are deducted on a biweekly or monthly schedule 
  • 3 months pre-pay are available for vanpools. Please speak to a Bruin Commuter Program coordinator for more information.

Accepted Forms of Payment 

  • Credit Cards: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Credit card payments are only accepted at the UCLA Transportation Lobby. 
  • Cash: Cash payments are only accepted at the UCLA Transportation Lobby. 
  • Check: Please make check payable to “UC Regents.” Check payments are accepted at the UCLA Transportation Lobby, by mail, or dropped in the “Express Drop Box” located in the Strathmore Building breezeway. 
  • Payroll Deduction: UCLA staff and faculty members eligible for payroll deduction may be eligible for additional tax savings. 

If you need to change or transfer to a different vanpool:  

1. Visit the UCLA Trip Planner                                                   

  • Log in with your UCLA Logon.
  • If you do not have a UCLA Logon, please contact Bruin Commuter Programs. 

2. Sign up for your desired waitlist                                                            

  • Receive a seat offer when space is available on the van. 
  • Confirm the seat offer to join the vanpool. Please note: Confirmation responses not received within 24 business hours will be offered to the next person on the waitlist. 
1. Download and fill out the cancellation form                                         
  • Complete the Vanpool Ridership Cancellation Form two weeks in advance of your desired effective date. 
  • Effective dates are scheduled each month on the 1st, 8th, 16th, and 24th. 
2. Submit cancellation request 
  • Email the signed cancellation form to [email protected] or submit the form in person to the Transportation Lobby

Any outstanding payments must be made at the time of cancellation. 

Even if you are only able to rideshare occasionally, consider vanpooling with a pre-purchased one-way vanpool voucher. Current UCLA students, staff, and faculty members can vanpool part-time on a space-available basis. Space availability is determined each day by individual vanpool drivers.

Please note: Part-time riders are not guaranteed a seat. It is your responsibility to think ahead and plan appropriately.  

Here’s how to catch a part-time ride:  

1. Purchase a vanpool voucher 
  • You must have a valid BruinCard to make your purchase.  
  • Pre-purchase a vanpool voucher from the UCLA Transportation office.  
  • Each voucher serves as a one-way ticket on your vanpool and must be with you when you ride the van along with your UCLA ID. 
  • Up to ten (10) vouchers can be purchased at a time.  
2. Contact Bruin Commuter Programs to get the vanpool driver(s) and route information                         
  • Speak to customer service at the Transportation Lobby or call (310) 794-7433 
  • Visit our online Live Chat  
3. Confirm a seat  
  • Contact one of the drivers to confirm seat availability the morning of your commute from UCLA.
4. Meet at the designated location 
  • Meet the van in the city of origin and present your vanpool voucher. 
  • Fill out the vanpool voucher once the seat is confirmed. 
  • Hand the completed vanpool voucher to the driver. 

It is important to plan ahead and always have a backup commute option if you cannot ride the van.  

Unused vouchers are non-refundable and do not expire. 

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (310) 794-7433