Fleet & Transit Rates and Fees

  • BruinCar: Rentals That Make Sense
  • Vehicle Class


    4 Door Sedan $64/day                 
    Electric Sedan $74/day
    Compact Pickup Truck $84/day
    7 Passenger Minivan $97/day
    8 Passenger Full-Size Van $129/day
    2 Passenger Cargo Van $110/day

    A 25% coordination fee is applied to all Enterprise or Midway rental charges.

  • BruinBus Driver and Charter Services
  • Service Type


    Driver Service* (Driver only)


    Charter Van Service (11-passenger van with driver)


    Charter Transit Service (27-36 passenger bus with driver, 3hr. minimum) $111/hour
    Coach Bus Service (55 passenger bus with driver, 3hr. minimum) $114/hour

    Bus Services Event Coordination Fee (Non-UCLA vehicles only)

    25% per invoice

    Service Cancellation Fee (If less than 24-hour notice is given)

    3-hour minimum

    Non-UCLA Service Cancellation Fee (If less than 72-hour notice is given) 5-hour minimum

    *All University drivers hold commercial licenses (Class B) with passenger and air brakes endorsement. They are authorized to drive 35-foot transit buses, 40-foot coach buses, 30-foot trolley buses, passenger vans and automobiles. You can be assured that all vehicles are in safe operating condition in accordance with CHP/DOT regulations.

  • Interior Bus Advertising
  • Plan

    Rental Cost

    Monthly Value

    Time Period

    Year Round Plan



    12 months (Fiscal year)

    Academic Year Plan



    9 months (Academic year)

    Quarterly Plan



    3 months (Fall, Winter, or Spring)

    Monthly Plan



    1 month (Fall, Winter or Spring)

    Summer Special



    Summer months

  • Fleet Services
  • Services Rates

    Maintenance and Labor Rates

    $118 per hour (Fleet) | $152 per hour (Transit)

    Monthly Leased Vehicles
    (management fee)

    $85 per month

    Dept-Owned Vehicles/ Donated Vehicles
    (management fee)

    $85 per month

    (management fee)

    $26 per month

    (management fee)

    $16 per month

    Incident Reporting Fee

    $285 per report

    Incident/Sublet Repair Fee

    27% per invoice
    BruinCar External Rental Coordination Fee 25% per invoice
    Admin. Fee (non-recurring admin services) $60 per hour

    Parts Mark Up

    43% per invoice

    Fuel Mark Up

    $0.74 per gallon

    Fuel Mark-Up (Off-campus)

    21% per invoice

    $0.28-$1.01 per gallon

    DMV Pull Notice Program

    $27 per year | $32 per activity report

    Drug and Alcohol Testing Fee
    (DOT Covered Commercial Drivers & Non-DOT Drivers)

    $48 Alcohol Screening
    $65 Drug Screening
    $96 Alcohol and Drug Screening
    Learn more about the requirement for all UCLA vehicles to have telematics through Fleet Services, and the benefits the campus receives from using telematics.
  • Alternative Fueled Compliance Fee (AFC FEE)
  • This fee is designed to recover the costs of the GoGreen Program which includes research, education, training, demonstration and loaner programs and compliance reporting. The following fees will be applied to each gallon of fuel purchased using a UC fuel card.

    Fuel Type

    Fuel Markup per gallon







    FlexFuel (E85)



  • Fleet Maintenance Service Contracts
  • Any light-duty vehicle that is less than seven years old is eligible for a Maintenance Service Contract (MSC). Vehicles purchased or financed as of October 1, 2020 will automatically receive an MSC.

    Please note: Costs associated with misuse, abuse, neglect, and other compliance-related maintenance and repairs are not covered.

    Available Options Services Included Not Included                            Rates
    No MSC                                                                                      All services performed on a fee-for-service basis. N/A Light Duty: $118 per hour + parts
    MSC - Traditional Fuel All preventative maintenance and repairs including parts and labor that are not user caused. Smog inspection and smoke opacity inspection.                                             $190 per month                                                                                                  
    MSC - Electric Fuel All preventative maintenance and repairs including parts and labor that are not user caused. Only available for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). Smog inspection and smoke opacity inspection. $45 per month