Think you can’t get anywhere around here without a car? Think again.


image of feet walkingWhen you walk to work or Westwood for lunch, errands or a meeting you’re taking time out from your busy day to do something worthwhile for yourself and your environment. You are physically healthier, have a better mental attitude and you’re making a valuable contribution to cleaner air. So instead of thinking you can't go anywhere without a car, you should think: “Move more. Sit less.”

To get started:

  1. Think, "move more, sit less." It's a change in thought that creates a change in behavior.
  2. Consider wearing a pedometer. Check your steps over the course of a typical week to find your baseline level of activity. Then, add on from there. Work up to 30-60 minutes (or 2-4 miles) of purposeful walking per day. Take longer walks on some days. Take shorter, faster walks on a variety of terrain on other days.
  3. Remember to stretch often.
  4. And don't forget to smell the roses! Enjoy your walk! 

Decreased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease

Simply walking purposefully for 30 minutes or approximately 2 miles per day has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease by 30-40% perecent.

Prevention of Osteoporosis

Weight bearing exercise is important in minimizing the reduction in bone density that occurs naturally with age. Walking is an excellent low impact weight bearing exercise that is joint-friendly and bone-healthy!

Healthy Weight Management

Increasing your daily activity level and achieving that 30 minutes or more of physical activity can help you to maintain a weight that's healthy for your body. Maintaining a healthy body weight helps to prevent many chronic diseases.

Preventing and Managing Diabetes

A healthy body weight and regular physical activity help to prevent and to manage diabetes.

Emotional Well Being

Muscles will be built and calories will be burned on a walk, but the most important aspect of walking regularly may be the impact walking has on your brain and spirit. Many walkers attribute their mental health and balance to their daily walk.