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BruinCar LogoThe services provided by BruinCar are available to faculty, staff, and student organizations for official university business only.  

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Internal (Bruincar) rentals

BruinCar has a fleet of UCLA-owned vehicles that can be reserved on a first come, first served basis. BruinCar saves time and money by providing convenient transportation options.

Internal (BruinCar) Rental Benefits

  • 24-hour pick-up and drop-off on campus
  • UC recharge billing (no out-of-pocket expense)
  • Free campus parking (University vehicles only)
  • Insurance included in rental rate
  • Below market fuel cost
  • No sales tax

    External (Standby) Rentals

    BruinCar works hard to try and fill every reservation request it receives. Once reservations for the BruinCar fleet have reached capacity, we work with external rental agencies to fill these requests. In addition to the fees charged by the rental agency, BruinCar assesses a markup for coordinating services and recharge billing.

    Reservations made by departments using federally funded FAUs must be filled with an agency rental.

    Specialty Vehicles (like heavy-duty/stakebed trucks) are no longer delivered to campus. Renters must pick up and return the vehicles off campus following instructions sent in the confirmation email. To initiate a specialty vehicle request, please use the Reservation Portal and list the details of the request in your notes.

    Parking – Due to the implementation of the Bruin ePermit system, our external rental agencies will no longer be able to provide daily parking passes. For information on where you can purchase parking passes, please visit our Visitor Parking page or call us at (310) 794-7433.

    BruinCar will not reimburse anyone for fees associated with parking the vehicle, or be responsible for any citations that may be attributed during the rental.

    In an effort to keep our customers and employees safe and healthy during this time, please follow these important guidelines:

    • All University vehicle operators and occupants are required to:
      • Wear a face covering when traveling in a University vehicle.
      • Follow disinfecting protocols established by UCLA Transportation (cleaning instructions can be found in each vehicle).
    • After refueling the vehicle, please utilize the hand sanitizer provided before touching any surfaces inside.
    • Please be courteous to your fellow Bruins and remove all personal belongings and debris before leaving the vehicle (including face masks, paper towels, etc.). Your actions directly impact the next driver.


    • Seats 4 people (including driver)
    • $56.50/day (not including fuel)



    • Seats 5 people (including driver)
    • $59.50/day (not including fuel)



    • Seats 5 people (including driver)
    • $69.50/day (does not include off-campus charging)*

    *Vehicle is fully electric and can be charged in its BruinCar parking stall. It has a range of 200 miles fully charged.



    • Seats 7 people (including driver)
    • Large cargo space
    • $90/day (not including fuel)



    • Seats 8 people (including driver)
    • Large cargo space
    • $120/day (not including fuel)



    • Seats 4 people (including driver)
    • Bed length 5'8", width 4'6"
    • $78/day (not including fuel)

    There are two distinct BruinCar user account types - Reservation Authorizer (RA) and BruinCar Driver. It takes approximately five business days to complete the setup of a new BruinCar user account.

    If you wish to become a BruinCar Driver, you must:

    • Be an active UCLA student, faculty, or staff member
    • Know who your RA is (they will set up reservations for you)
    • Have a valid United States driver license
    • Complete the BruinCar Account Setup

    BruinCar Drivers cannot make reservations directly and must request reservations through an RA. Vehicle pickup instructions and return information are sent to the RA, who must forward them to the BruinCar Driver. Questions or changes for reservations should be directed to your department RA first.

    If you wish to become a Reservation Authorizer, you must:

    • Be an active UCLA faculty or staff member
    • Have manager, supervisor, or director approval to spend department funds
    • Provide an active FAU or P.O. number
    • Complete the BruinCar Account Setup

    RAs are responsible for creating their own reservations as well as creating reservations for BruinCar Drivers in your department. Vehicle pick up and return instructions are only sent to the RA who must forward them to the BruinCar Drivers on the reservation. After your account is set up, RAs are sent an email with login information and instructions on how to use the BruinCar system.

    Reminder: Please allow five business days to complete new user account setups. 

    Vehicle pickup

    1. Reservations can only be picked up at or after the confirmed reservation time. Pick up the keys by entering your 6-digit confirmation number at the key valet box in Parking Structure 8, Level 2

    BruinCar Valet BoxBruinCar Valet Box

    2. Use the green light to locate and remove your vehicle’s keys.

      BruinCar Valet BoxBruinCar Valet Box

      3. Close the key valet box, and proceed to your vehicle’s parking stall.

      • Vehicle parking stall is noted on the key tag (not the key slot number). Sedans and minivans are parked on Level 2, same level as the key valet box. Larger vehicles (8-passenger vans) are parked on the roof of Parking Structure 8 (southwest corner of Level 4).

      4. Complete/fill out the vehicle inspection form (located in the vehicle), and deposit the form in one of the inspection drop-boxes prior to leaving. 

      • Three boxes are located on Level 2 and one box is on Level 4.
      • Drivers must state the vehicle condition on the inspection form prior to rental departure. Failure to fill out the inspection form will automatically associate the driver/driver’s department with unnamed damage(s) to the vehicle.

      BruinCar Deposit Box

      5. Head out! Have a safe trip!

      Please Note: Only authorized BruinCar drivers may drive the vehicle. More information can be found in the Policies & Procedures and BruinCar Terms & Conditions.


      Vehicle Return

      1. Refuel your BruinCar an the on-campus fueling station.

      • Failure to refuel vehicle prior to returning will result in a $25 administrative fee added to the reservation.

      2. Enter Parking Structure 8 from the ramp off of Westwood Plaza. (Avoid entering from Strathmore Pl.)

      3.  Park vehicle in the stall number listed on the key tag.

      • Parking stall number is also listed on the dash of the vehicle.

      4. Remove all personal belongings and trash from vehicle.

      5. Obtain odometer reading to return keys to the key valet box (Step 7).

      6. At the BruinCar key valet box, wave key fob over the black HID sensor to unlock the door.

      Unlock Door

      7. When prompted, enter your vehicle odometer reading on the keypad and open the door when signaled by the green light.

      8. Insert the dimple key into the slot with the green light as shown below.

      • If you are returning a Voyager card, place the card into the card slot before inserting the vehicle key. If you forget to insert your Voyager Card, please contact the BruinCar office at 310-825-2963.

      IMPORTANT: You MUST turn the key clockwise to lock in place and complete the vehicle return. Failure to return the keys correctly will directly impact the next customer coming to pick up their vehicle. Please ensure you are returning the keys correctly.

      Dimple KeyGreen LightInsert Key









      9. Close the key valet box door and ensure it clicks shut.

      Reservation Authorizers with confirmed external (standby) reservations will receive an email with reservation details. The steps below are general guidelines for an external reservation, but you should follow the instructions in your confirmation email.

      External rental agency vehicles are not picked up at or returned to the on-campus BruinCar office.

      Vehicle Pickup

      External rental agencies provide a complimentary ride from the Luskin Center turnaround to the external rental agency location for vehicle dispatch.

      1. On the day of your rental you should receive a text from the external rental agency to confirm your pickup.
      2. Please make sure you are at the Luskin Center turnaround 1 hour prior to the requested dispatch time.
        • If you have been waiting longer than 15 minutes and the external rental agency staff has not arrived, please call the external rental agency number included in your confirmation email.
      3. Once at the rental location the driver will be asked to provide a driver license and follow the external rental agency's rental procedure.
        • The rate on the rental agreement is an estimate and does not include all possible charges such as international insurance (Mexico), refueling, or the BruinCar coordination fee.
      4. Head out! Have a safe trip!

      If the vehicle is going to be used around campus, you are responsible for purchasing daily parking passes. For information on where you can purchase parking passes, please visit our Visitor Parking page or call Bruin Commuter Services at (310) 794-7433.


      Vehicle Return

      External rental agencies provide a complimentary ride to the Luskin Center turnaround from the external rental agency location once the vehicle is returned.

      1. Refuel the rental vehicle. We suggest you refuel the vehicle prior to returning it as external rental agencies charge a much higher rate for fuel, and the charge will be subject to the BruinCar coordination fee.
      2. Return the vehicle. Please ensure the vehicle is returned to the same external rental agency location that the vehicle was dispatched from.
        • If the vehicle return time is scheduled outside of the external rental agency's hours of operation, the vehicle must be returned to the external rental agency the following morning. You will be responsible for parking the vehicle overnight and paying any required parking fees. More information on parking can be found on our Visitor Parking page or call Bruin Commuter Services at (310) 794-7433.
        • If the vehicle is returned to a different external rental agency branch, the external rental agency may apply an additional charge to the reservation.
        • Please make sure you remove all personal items from the vehicle before leaving the external rental agency location.
      3. Once the vehicle return is completed. the external rental agency will provide a complimentary ride back to the Luskin Center turnaround.

      Email: [email protected] | Phone: (310) 825-2963 

      555 Westwood Plaza, Suite 106
      Los Angeles, CA 90095

      Office Hours        

      1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
      Monday - Friday

      Phone Hours

      8:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
      Monday - Friday