Special Events & Courtesy Parking

Special Events & Courtesy Parking is dedicated to providing practical parking solutions for guests, while maintaining parking availability for UCLA faculty, staff, and student ePermit holders. Succesful management of event parking relies on balancing the needs of all stakeholders involved.  

In order to guarantee a high level of service, approval of event parking requests are dependent on space avaliability, which is more flexible after business hours (after 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day on weekends). Within regular business hours, we highly encourage UCLA departments to promote sustainable transportation options such as public transit and ride-hailing.

For additional information, please email [email protected].

  • Courtesy Parking is parking for non-affiliated UCLA guests charged to on-campus departments via FAU (Recharge ID), or off-campus entities and student organizations via invoice
  • General Parking is parking that is paid for by guests


  • Courtesy Parking for UCLA Departmental Guests

  • Departmental event organizers with TSREQ access can request Courtesy Parking for non-affiliated UCLA guests. Authorized department FAUs are recharged for the parking services, so guests can park hassle-free. If you do not have TSREQ designation, please contact your Departmental Security Administrator (DSA) to gain authorization.

    Please note, space availability during regular business hours is extremely limited. Departments should only request the amount of parking needed in order to maintain parking availability for other on-campus departments requesting coupon codes.

    Requests expecting 25 or more vehicles must be made at least five business days in advance.


    Available Options (1-25 Vehicles):

    Automated Coupon Code: The Automated Coupon Code System immediately generates a coupon code, space permitted, for the self-service pay station machines located in visitor (pay-by-plate) parking areas.

    - Coupon Code Instructions for Authorized Requestors
    - Coupon Code Instructions for Non-UCLA Affiliated Guests

    Bruin ePermit Event Request
    - Coming Soon!


    Available Options (25+ Vehicles): 

    Event Coupon Code: A unique Coupon Code for the self-service pay station machines in visitor parking areas. Unlike the Automated Coupon Codes, Event Coupon Codes have unlimited uses and are billed at the daily parking rate based on the amount of times the code is used. This option is only available for events taking place after business hours (after 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday and all day on weekends). To request a coupon code during businesss hours, please use the Automated Coupon Code System.

    - Coupon Code Instructions for Guests

    Physical Parking Stall Reservation: Parking stalls may be temporarily reserved for a specific time frame under an event name. This option is highly recommended for VIP guests and events; however, approval is subject to availability.
    - Reserved parking stalls may be requested by emailing [email protected]

    Bruin ePermit Event Request:
    - Coming Soon!


  • General Parking for UCLA Departmental Guests

  • On-campus UCLA Departments are encouraged to direct guests to park in the visitor (pay-by-plate) parking areas.

    Available options:

    Self-Service Pay Stations
    Self-service pay stations are in all visitor parking areas. Visitors must pay for parking right after you park. Pay station permits are not valid in parking stalls posted for Blue or X permits or otherwise reserved. More information on locations, rates, and hours of operation can be found on our Visitor Parking page

    Parkmobile (Pay-by-Phone)
    ParkMobile is available in visitor parking areas, as well as in all areas for those with a Disabled Placard. More information can be found on our Visitor Parking page

  • Parking for Student-Run and Off-Campus Event Guests

  • Off-campus event organizers include student clubs/organizations, Associated Students of UCLA (ASUCLA), and non-UCLA affiliates such as non-profit organizations and private companies hosting events on-campus. During business hours (7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday) parking space is extremely limited. Approval is subject to parking space avaliability.

    To inquire about  parking at UCLA, please email [email protected] with the following information:

    - Event Name
    - Event Date and Time Frame
    - Parking location(s) requested
    - Number of Vehicles Expected
    - Off-Campus billing address to be invoiced for courtesy parking

  • Event Parking for UCLA Faculty, Staff, and Students

  • UCLA departments with cross-campus events are encouraged to have their UCLA-affiliated guests walk, rideshare, and use BruinBus services. 

    Please Note: It is against UC Policy for any UCLA affiliate (faculty, staff, or student) to recieve courtesy (complimentary) parking using departmental funds, as it is considered additional income (University of California Policy, PPSM-30).

    Available Options:

    Bruin Bus is a year-round bus serving the UCLA campus and Wilshire Center. Everyone is welcome to board at one of our many stops. For more information, please visit the BruinBus page.

    Active Bruin ePemit Holders (Faculty & Staff) can request a “Transfer Permit” to cross-park in an alternate lot or structure on campus at no additional cost according to the privileges of your permit type. Check the Parking Permit Privileges for details.

    You can obtain a 1-Day cross-parking permit through the Bruin ePermit Portal, excluding Night and Weekend permit holders. The 1-Day cross parking permit is valid for same day use only.
    Faculty and staff may receive a maximum of five (5) cross-parking permits per quarter.
    Please note, Cross Parking (Transfer) Permits will vary depending on parking space avaliabilty.
    To request a “Transfer Permit” please follow these instructions.

    Sustainable Transportation Options include public transportation and ride-hailing.

  • Service Rates & Fess

  • Service RATE How to Arrange
    Automated Coupon Code (Less than 25 vehicles)              $14 per usage ($20 per use in premium parking areas)                               Automated Coupon Code System
    Event Coupon Code (After business hours) $14 per usage Event Coupon Code Request Form
    Reserved Parking Spaces/Barricade Material $14 per space + $30 materials fee per 50 spaces reserved Email: [email protected]
    Traffic Control Officer* $63.21 per officer/hour (min. 3 hrs. including travel time) Email: [email protected]
    K-Rail Rental $53.11 per day Email: [email protected]
    Barricade Rental $10.63 per day Email: [email protected]
    Cone Rental $2.91 per day Email: [email protected]
    Changeable Message Sign Rental $202.77 per day Email: [email protected]
    Parking Space Rental: General Campus & Medical Areas (UCLA rate) $294 per month Email: [email protected]
    Parking Space Rental: General Campus (Non-UCLA rate) $353 per month Email: [email protected]
    Parking Space Rental: RRUCLAMC Long-Term Rental $1,050 per month Email: [email protected]

    *Traffic Control Officers may be necessary for events that are likely to cause significant impact to campus, such as events with over 1,000 expected vehicles or events with buses.