Keep Your Sustainable Movement Safe

Walking and biking are great ways to boost your physical, mental, and emotional health. Whether you're logging extra hours on Strava to meet your goals or heading out for errands, follow these tips to keep you safe and healthy during Sustainable Transportation Month.

Giving Space for Your Movement

Local, state, and federal guidelines are evolving to inform how we can stay safe. The guidance is still to maintain at least six feet of space between you and other riders and pedestrians, especially when stopped at intersections or when passing on the road or trail. A general rule of thumb is to avoid trailing other people for long.

Face Coverings

While guidelines vary by county, the statewide order requires wearing a covering when you aren't able to socially distance and when riding or running with members outside of your household. It's a good idea to wear a mask while riding to protect those around you, given the evidence for asymptomatic transmission. Choosing the right mask, such as one designed for athletic use, will help address issues with breathability and comfort.

Solo vs. Group Ride

A solo run or ride is less risky, but what about going for a group ride with those that you trust or forming a "bubble" or "quaranteam?" For group settings, consider the following: your ride route and ability to socially distance and the level of community spread in your area. It's imperative to converse with your quaranteam about risk and what precautions they've taken to stay safe.

Good Hygiene for Shared Bikes & Scooters

While bike share and scooter companies have enhanced their cleaning schedules, it's important for riders to wash or sanitize their hands before and after their ride and to avoid touching their face.

The Walk Button

Many cities have deactivated walk buttons at intersections with high numbers of pedestrian activity to follow CDC guidelines. Affected signals will be marked with signs and change automatically without the need to be pressed. If you must touch one, avoid touching your face afterward.

Practicing good hygiene, maintaining social distance when possible, and wearing a face covering applies to all outdoor recreation but doesn't need to detract from the exhilarating experience of being outside and being on your feet or wheels.

Photo Credit: Getty Images