Why Summer 2020 is a Great Time to Start Riding a Bike

During the unprecedented last six months, Angelenos have spent less and less time behind the wheel of a car, with most comings and goings not happening due to working from home and just venturing out for essential visits to places like a supermarket or the pharmacy. With most commutes and trips hitting the brakes, biking has emerged as one of the healthiest and safest ways to get around, to run errands, exercise, cure restlessness and provide much-needed relief at a difficult time. Here are some reasons why summer 2020 is the perfect time to get on two wheels.

Open Road
Summer brings longer days and more sunshine, ideal conditions for a pleasant bike ride. Another factor paving the way for enjoyable biking is fewer cars on the road and better air quality as a result. Traffic in Los Angeles has picked up during the reopening phase but is nowhere near what it was pre-pandemic.

Reduced traffic led to L.A. launching a program to close vehicle traffic on residential streets and open it up for locals to walk and bike. The Slow Streets program has come to West L.A., Del Rey, Koreatown, North Hollywood, and other neighborhoods.

Fit Break
It is more important than ever to take care of yourself. Hopping on a bike benefits the mind and body. Protect your overall health with the activity that strengthens your immune system, supports your heart and lungs, boosts brainpower and builds muscle. Riding often also helps you sleep better. While the physical health benefits of biking are noteworthy, the psychological benefits are great too. In the present stressful situation, biking can improve well-being by lifting your mood and alleviating stress, anxiety and depression.

All Access
Biking is a way to stay active, even during the quarantine. Getting out of the house for some fresh air is instantly refreshing. Although the initial lockdown did result in a bike boom, and shortages at some bike shops, bike-share services are available in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and L.A. proper. Metro Bike Share is keeping Los Angeles rolling, currently offering passes at a reduced cost for the entire month of August.

Photo Credit: Getty Images