Faculty and Staff Payroll Deductions

Staff and faculty may choose between bi-weekly/monthly payroll deductions or quarterly deductions to pay for parking fees.


By completing a Payroll Deduction Authorization form, an eligible employee authorizes the University to withhold all appropriate parking fees from their bi-weekly or monthly paycheck(s). Employees must provide all the information requested on the Payroll Deduction Authorization (PDA) form. It is crucial that the employee identification number be provided to Parking Services in order to process deductions online.

Two Types of Payroll Deduction Are Available:

Bi-Weekly or Monthly Deductions
Annual or lifetime parking permits are eligible for ongoing bi-weekly or monthly deductions. To be eligible for annual or lifetime permit payroll deduction, an employee must be paid through the UCLA payroll system and be employed at least 43.75% time with a minimum nine-month appointment from the date the permit is issued. The authorization for annual or lifetime permits is permanent until canceled. Pre- and post-tax options are also available.

Quarterly Deduction
Quarterly parking permits have their entire quarterly payment taken as a one-time payroll deduction at the beginning of the quarter. To be eligible for quarterly payroll deduction, an employee must be paid through the UCLA payroll system and be employed at least 43.75% with an appointment for the duration of the permit. If the employee's appointment is less than 9 months, they may be eligible for a quarterly payroll deduction for parking. The permit must be purchased for the entire quarter. Pre- and post-tax options are also available. A new PDA must be submitted each quarter.

  • Parking Services processes payroll deductions online in accordance with UC payroll deadlines. Deductions are taken one month in advance.
  • The first month of deductions for annual or lifetime parking permits will include retroactive deductions for parking fees accrued prior to the employee receiving their first paycheck and a regular parking deduction for the following month.
  • Deductions missed due to insufficient earnings will automatically be deducted from the next check distribution.
  • Should Parking Services be unable to collect monthly deductions, the permit holder will be held liable for applicable fees, and the permit may be canceled after 30 days of non-payment.
  • Parking Services conducts periodic audits to collect missed parking deductions. Employees identified in these audits may have lump sum deductions or be billed for accrued parking fees.
  • Employees who separate from the University, go on disability, maternity or sabbatical leave must return their decal and card key and submit a Payroll Deduction Cancellation (PDC) form.
  • Employees on short term leave who wish to continue their parking privileges may make payment arrangements. Please call Parking Payroll Deductions at (310) 825-3889.
  • Employees who neither cancel their payroll deduction nor return their parking permits will be considered active permit holders and will continue to accrue parking fees.
  • Cancellation dates for parking are determined by the date the permit is returned to Parking Services and not the termination or leave date of the employee. Any applicable refund due to the employee will be calculated from the return date.
  • Employees paid by grants or stipends are not eligible for payroll deduction and must purchase quarterly permits by cash, check. or credit card.
  • Departmental Commute Coordinators are responsible for assuring that permits are canceled when the permit holder leaves the University or no longer needs a permit. Please relay this pertinent information to each person parked by your department.