Notice of Action

Parking at UCLA is regulated by California Vehicle Code and by official UCLA Parking Regulations. UCLA parking policies are designed to maximize service and availability to our parking customers. The operator of the motor vehicle is responsible for compliance with all parking rules and regulations. Displaying a permit which is lost, stolen, altered, voided, duplicated, or not returned will result in an issuance of a parking citation.

You must pay or contest your parking citation with the UCLA Citation Review & Adjudication office within 21 calendar days of issuance (see reverse side of citation). You may also log on to to pay or contest your ticket. All appeals must include a reason the recipient believes the citation was issued in error and include copies of all applicable documentation relating to the appeal. 

The “Notice of Action” (NOA) is a separate process from the parking citation. Paying or appealing the parking citation has no bearing on the NOA process. 

When a violation of a UCLA parking policy or regulation occurs, depending on the severity of the violation, the operator of the motor vehicle may be required to attend a NOA appointment. If a NOA has been placed on your vehicle, you are required to complete the following:

  • Contact the UCLA Permit Programs office within 2 business days of issuance to schedule an appointment. 
  • The following materials must be presented when arriving for your appointment:
    1. Notice of Action (left on the vehicle along with the parking citation).
    2. The UCLA parking permit displayed on the vehicle at the time the citation was issued.
    3. Gate access card.
    4. Driver license or state I.D.
    5. UCLA BruinCard (Student, Staff, Faculty).
    6. A written statement explaining the circumstances, and any supporting documentation related to your situation.

Appointments are held at the Permit Programs office, Monday through Friday between 9am – 4pm (excluding University Holidays). All statements, documentation, and related information will be taken into consideration when rendering a decision. 

If you fail to respond to the notice the following may take place:


  • Hold on student records.
  • Suspend/revoke parking privileges.
  • Refer file to the Dean of Students.
  • The registered owner of vehicle may be held responsible for all fees and penalties.


  • Suspend/revoke parking privileges.
  • Refer file to supervisor and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO).
  • The registered owner of vehicle may be held responsible for all fees and penalties.


Please Note: Possession or use of a lost, stolen, altered, voided, duplicated, or not returned parking decal may result in the following:

  • Restitution fees in addition to the citation
  • Administrative fees
  • Disciplinary and or legal action
  • Revocation of parking privileges
  • Placing holds on student records
  • Student disciplinary cases may be referred to the Dean of Students and University employees may be referred to the appropriate Departmental Chairperson or Administrative Officer
  • Serious offenses may result in impoundment of the vehicle and criminal charges, which may be pursued by the City Attorney through the court system