UCLA Parking Rates and Fees

Short-Term Parking Fees

Self-Service Parking Pay Stations are located in parking lots and structures throughout campus.                                           Ranges from $1 for 20 minutes to $20 all day

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All Day Fees 

All day parking is sold at Information & Parking Booths, which only accept cash and BruinCard payments.


All day parking for campus and medical center areas.$13/Day
Accessible Parking for Individuals with Disabilities.$10/Day
Bruin Commuter Park permits (also sold to staff at eligible self-service pay stations).

Depending on Permit Privilege

Emeriti Ride Card Permits
Depending on Permit Privilege

Note: All day parking is sold on a space available basis only 

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Student Parking
Permit Rates                                                                                               


Commuter Student Permit$258/Quarter
Residence Hall Student Permit$324/Quarter
Night and Weekend Permit$150/Quarter
Two-Person Carpool Permit$216 Total Fee/Quarter
Three-Person Carpool Permit$132 Total Fee/Quarter

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Faculty and Staff                                     
Parking Permit Rates                                                                    


Yellow Permit


Blue Permit


X (Preferred) Permit


Night and Weekend Permit


Weekend Only Permit


Clean Fuel Individual Permit (ZEV Only)


Two-Person Carpool Permit


Three-Person Carpool Permit


Four-Person Carpool Permit$26/Month
Vendor Permit$273/Month
University Vehicle Permit$108/Month
Contractor Permit$273/Running Month
V/X Courtesy Rate Permit$72/Month
V Blue Permit$50/Month
Emeriti/Retiree VBL$150/Year
V Brown, VH Brown, 1 Brown, VBR Permits$50/Month
V Gold Permit$39/Month
DMLZ Permit$86/Month
Departmental Permit ("X" or Blue)

$157/Month for "X"
$108/Month for Blue

Emeriti Permit$150/Year

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Replacements Fees                                                          Current                
Decal Replacement$45
Decal not returned to Parking Services$45
Decal returned to Parking ServicesNo Charge
Important Note: Fees apply to replace the decal regardless of whether it was lost or stolen. 

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Other Fees                                                                                                                                                              


Parking Space Rental: General Campus and Medical Areas (UCLA rate)$205/Month
Parking Space Rental: General Campus and Medical Areas (Non-UCLA rate)$328/Month
Departmental Access Card$95
Departmental Access Card if access card number being replaced is known$45
Administrative fee for cancellation of a permit prior to the effective date or permit not releasedN/A
Administrative fee for returning prepaid guest parking permits$50
10-Day Conference Permit$130
30-Day Conference Permit$390
Administrative fee for processing "Notice to Appear" parking violations$250

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