Be Alert Bruins: Back up safely, check 360 degrees

To encourage the UCLA community to avoid accidents while backing, UCLA Fleet and Transit, Insurance & Risk Management and Environment, Health & Safety have partnered together to launch the third annual “Be Alert Bruins” safety campaign. Throughout the month of April, the message “Back up safely, check 360 degrees” will be communicated campuswide to urge student, staff and faculty motorists to always follow a simple safety check before backing their vehicles.

According to the National Safety Council, one out of four vehicle collisions involve backing. This same statistic applies to collisions reported to UCLA Fleet Services as well as other UC campuses. Considering that the average driver operates in reverse less than 1% of the time, this statistic is even more alarming.

Backing collisions can happen in an instant. Though they typically do not result in serious bodily injury, they can cause significant damage to the vehicle. When backing up a vehicle, it is more difficult to see people or objects in your path, so extra safety measures should be taken before starting a backing maneuver. With the density of the campus and limited areas for parking a University vehicle, it’s no wonder it can be a challenge to maneuver in small spots with low clearances.

Whether backing a sedan, van, truck or commercial vehicle, a driver must always check 360 degrees to make sure all potential hazards are identified. Planning ahead, using your mirrors properly and communicating with other drivers and pedestrians are just a few steps that should be followed every time you drive in reverse.

Pledge to Back Up Safely and Enter to Win Prizes!

Go to our Facebook page and join the Pledge to Back Up Safely and Enter to Win Prizes event. On the event page, leave a comment saying which one of the ten tips listed on the 10 Tips for Backing Safely Flier you will pledge to follow. You could win an emergency roadside kit or an emergency survival kit valued at $50!

UCLA faculty, staff and students only. Go to our blog for contest details.