Long Beach Transit Commuter Line

Long Beach Transit is operating a modified schedule until further notice, and has temporarily suspended fare collection with rear-door boarding in effect.

UCLA and Long Beach Transit have partnered to give UCLA commuters a direct connection from Long Beach to Westwood.

Additionally, Long Beach Transit has negotiated free parking at the Long Beach Airport and Willow Station as an added convenience. See route map for parking locations.

Please Note: Passes are currently unavailable as Long Beach Transit has temporarily suspended fare collection with rear-door boarding in effect.   

  • Long Beach Transit Commuter Express Rates 30-Day Passes
  • UCLA Employee 30-Day*

    UCLA Student 30-day*

    NOn-UCLA 30-day

    One-Way (Cash Only)

    $96 $80 $120 $4 ($7 Roundtrip)
    *Subsidized by UCLA Transportation
  • Long Beach Transit Commuter Express Schedule
  • Northbound Schedule

    Departs - Long beach airport                           

    Departs - Willow Station                               

    Arrives - Kinross                                              

    Arrives - Ronald Reagan Medical Center         

    Arrives - Gateway Plaza                                          
    5:15 AM 5:35 AM 6:40 AM 6:43 AM  6:45 AM 
    5:45 AM  6:05 AM  7:40 AM  7:43 AM  7:45 AM 
    6:45 AM  7:05 AM  8:40 AM  8:43 AM  8:45 AM 

    Southbound Schedule

    Departs - Gateway Plaza                                    

    Departs - Ronald Reagan Medical Center

    Departs - Kinross                                     

    Arrives - Willow Station                          

    Arrives - long beach airport                 

    4:20 PM  4:22 PM  4:24 PM  5:55 PM  6:15 PM 
    5:20 PM  5:22 PM  5:24 PM  6:55 PM  7:15 PM 
    6:20 PM  6:22 PM  6:24 PM  7:50 PM  8:10 PM 
  • Long Beach Transit Pass Details
  • Until your pass is active, customers are responsible for paying separate fares for any rides taken 

    Long Beach Transit passes are only valid on the commuter line to and from Westwood