Commuting by LADOT Transit

LADOT Commuter Express service has been temporarily reduced until further notice.

Eligible UCLA students and employees can purchase monthly passes for City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) Commuter Express buses at a subsidized rate. The following routes offer service directly to UCLA:

  • Line 431: Westwood to/from Downtown LA
  • Line 534: Westwood to/from Downtown LA/ Union Station
  • Line 573: Westwood to/from Encino 
  • Sales & Effective Dates
  • Passes are sold for each calendar month and sales begin approximately five business days prior to the start of each month.

  • Pass Prices For Monthly Passes
  • Pass Prices for Monthly Passes

    Pass                                   fees*
    Zone 1 Students $53, Employees $60
    Zone 2 Students $67, Employees $72
    Zone 3 Students $82, Employees $101

    *This represents a subsidized rate partially paid for you by UCLA Transportation.

  • LADOT Transit Pass Information
  • These passes are not accepted on any Metro Bus or Metro Rail lines. However, LADOT riders can request a transfer coupon from LADOT bus drivers to complete their trip on another Metro Bus of Metro Rail line for $0.50.

    If a rider regularly rides two or more transit agencies like LADOT Commuter Express and Metro Bus, the EZ transit pass is a good monthly option.

    If you only ride LADOT occasionally and do not need a monthly pass, you can purchase a 20-trip booklet online. These purchases, however, do not qualify for the subsidized rate.