A Roadmap to Staying Safe as L.A. Reopens

Safety is top of mind right now, and being safe also applies to the road. As Safer at Home orders ease up, more cars will be on the streets. You may be in a rush to resume regular activities, but slow down and give attention to these safe driving tips.

  • First, start SMART: seatbelt on, seat adjusted, mirrors adjusted and clean, air and heat controls set, radio set, and thoroughly check your surroundings
  • Be attentive and avoid distractions - that means no texting while driving, ever!
  • Obey the speed limit and pay attention to signs
  • Always use your turn signals
  • Maintain a safe distance to the vehicle in front of you. There should be at least a four-second space between your vehicles.
  • Share the road and treat everyone, fellow drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians, with respect.
  • At the stop sign, spell S-T-O-P before going. Always turn your head to look left, then right, straight ahead, then left again before proceeding.
  • Make sure your vehicle is working properly, especially since it may have sat idle for months. Change the oil and check fluids, make sure the engine is in good shape, and all lights are working, check the tires, and stay on top of the battery, wiper blades, and filters.

Another great way to stay safe on the road? Get out from behind the wheel and opt for alternative transportation! Biking has soared in popularity as of late and is a healthy, green, and affordable option.

Per mile, public transportation is much safer than driving. L.A.'s transit agencies have taken precautions, from requiring face coverings to rear door boarding, and strict cleaning protocols, to keep riders safe.

The most important ways to stay safe out there? Wear a face covering, wash hands frequently, and practice physical distancing. Get more tips from L.A. Public Health here.

Take care, Bruins!

Photo Credit: Getty Images