Why Fall is the Best Season for Bike Riding

  • September 22, 2021

Autumn is arguably the perfect time to hop on a bike, offering ideal conditions – including the start of the academic year at UCLA and a return to campus! Here are all the reasons to go biking this fall.

We’re Back

The Gold-certified Bicycle Friendly University is open again, offering faculty, staff, and students access to everything the UCLA campus provides cyclists. There are over 3,500 free bike parking spaces in racks all over campus, plus protected bike lanes. Graduate students in campus housing locations can use the complimentary bike rentals program. All Bruins can pump up their pedal power and rent a Wheels electric mini-bike or Lyft e-bike.

Superb Scenery

The changes that arrive with autumn are easy to "fall" for. Pumpkin spice season not only offers colorful fall foliage, but the cooler temperatures and crisp fresh air make bike rides extra enjoyable.

Stay Healthy

Taking care of your health should remain top of mind.  As we head into cold and flu season, a great way to strengthen your immunity and boost the body’s defense mechanism is through regular physical activity, like biking.

Regular moderate-intensity exercise is known to have a positive impact on the functioning of the immune system. Consistently putting your body in motion mobilizes your immune cells, especially the types that fight germs.

Mood Booster

Speaking of health, this is not the season when winter blues set in. As much as exercise like biking benefits your body, it is also incredible for helping with your mental health. Physical activity provided by biking influences the release and uptake of chemicals in your brain that make you feel happy. And, new research shows regular exercise done outdoors may reduce anxiety by about 60 percent.

Autumn Adventures

A bicycle provides a speedy way to traverse the UCLA campus (and never be late to class again) and is a great way to explore Westwood Village. Wander around on two wheels to discover what's new (Alfred Coffee, Primo's Donuts, and Bluestone Lane) and revisit old favorites – like, say, Diddy Riese? Biking helps a community thrive, and after weathering a tough 2020 with Bruins mostly homebound, kick some economic vitality back into our college town by cruising around and checking out all the neighborhood businesses. 

Credit: Getty Images