FAQ: Credit Cards and Information & Parking Booths

The credit card companies (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) have standards for the systems used to process credit cards. Each year, the requirements become increasingly rigid and more clearly defined. The daily sales system used in the campus Information & Parking Booths has not been certified by our parking system vendor to meet the newest standards and we must discontinue credit card acceptance at the three campus parking booths. UCLA Parking Services will continue to accept credit cards at campus pay stations, throughout the medical center (including the exit booths), in our lobby and over the web. Only the three campus parking booths (by the Faculty Center, in PS 4 and on Westwood/Strathmore) will no longer accept credit cards.

No, the system in the booths uses encryption in the transmission and processing of credit card transactions, so your credit card information was transmitted safely. Our parking system vendor’s standard credit card processing software has been certified to meet credit industry standards. However, Parking Services uses a customized version of the parking software, and this version must be separately certified.

Does this mean Parking Services will accept credit or debit cards at the booths again in the future?

We are working with our parking system vendor to determine the initial and ongoing costs of certifying our version of their software. Once these costs are determined, a final decision will be made about how to proceed.

UCLA Parking Services provides self-service pay stations in most areas of the campus. With the exception of Lot LS (near the Law School) and PS 5, the daily rate for parking at these pay stations is the same rate charged at the booths. These pay stations also allow you to purchase parking in smaller increments (1 hour, 2 hours, etc.) which are not available at the Information & Parking Booths. Bruin Commuter Club and Emeriti discounted daily parking are the only daily parking rates not available through the self-service pay stations.

Currently, BCC members can only purchase their discounted daily parking permits at one of the three campus parking booths. Please use cash or BruinCard credit to purchase parking at the booths. You can use your credit card to load funds online to your BruinCard or sign up for payroll deduction. UCLA Transportation is investigating parking options for BCC members which will eliminate the need to stop at a parking booth. Most of the options currently being evaluated will allow you to purchase parking permits with your credit card. We plan on rolling out options no later than fall 2014.