4 Tips To Make Riding Transit Easier and Safer

Whether it's by bus or rail, public transit is a great way to get around LA. You don't have to deal with the stress of traffic, and can spend your commute reading, studying, or streaming your favorite shows. As a bonus, you're also reducing your carbon footprint by taking a sustainable form of transportation!

Enjoy the convenience of riding transit with these tips to make your next transit ride easier and safer.

1. Purchase a TAP Card

The easiest way to pay your fare is by using a TAP card. Just tap the card when you board and the fare will be deducted. All of UCLA Transportation's subsidized transit passes are loaded onto a custom UCLA TAP card, so you'll be able to pay your fare and show your Bruin pride at the same time! Don't need a transit pass but still need to ride on occasion? You can still get on board at a discounted rate with the UCLA Co-Pay.

2. Plan Your Trip with an App

Use an app to plan your trip to see the fastest route and when the next bus or train will arrive. If you already use Google Maps for driving directions, it will also provide you with real-time departure times for buses and trains. Just tap the Transit icon after entering your destination.

Transit is LA Metro's official app and will not only give you real-time ETAs and vehicle locations, but will also let you know how full your bus will be based on predictions from past rides. The Next CCBus app also provides passenger load information for Culver CityBus along with arrival predictions and rider alerts.

3. Know Where to Board

To help protect bus operators, some transit agencies such as LA Metro and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus are requiring riders to board and exit through the rear doors only. While Big Blue Bus is currently not enforcing fare collection, Metro asks that you have a loaded TAP card with you during travel. Please check your agency's website for whether they are requiring rear door boarding and fare collection.

4. Protect Yourself and Others

During the COVID-19 pandemic, transit agencies at UCLA and across Los Angeles County are taking measures to prioritize the health and safety of passengers. You can do your part to protect yourself and others by following these guidelines:

  • Wear a face covering
  • Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible
  • Try to keep at least 6 feet apart from people who are not in your household
  • Don't eat or drink as there's a higher chance you'll touch your face
  • After getting off the bus or train, use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol

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Photo Credit: Getty Images