Faculty and Staff Cross-Parking and Permit Reciprocity


UCLA faculty and staff permit holders may cross-park in an alternate lot or structure on campus according to the privileges of your permit type. Check Parking Permit Privileges (PDF) for details.

If you require parking in a lot or structure not included in the privileges of your permit, you can obtain a 1-Day cross-parking permit at no cost through the Bruin ePermit Portal, excluding Night and Weekend permit holders. The 1-Day cross parking permit is valid for same day use only. Faculty and Staff may receive a maximum of five (5) cross-parking permits per quarter.

If you have a medical appointment on campus:

Faculty and staff permit holders who have medical appointments on campus can cross-park in Medical Plaza or Jules Stein during Information & Parking Booth hours only, Monday through Friday, for a maximum of three (3) hours.

Employees must pay full price on Saturday, Sunday, and when Information & Parking Booths are closed. Please check the Information & Parking Booth hours prior to your appointment to avoid being charged the daily rate. There is no cross-parking in RRUCLAMC.

You must show your parking ticket along with your UCLA BruinCard when exiting. Employees with Night or Weekend Permits must pay the daily rate.

Please note: Yellow permit holders for areas 1, 8, 9, and 18 are not valid to cross-park in Jules Stein or Medical Plaza.

Faculty and Staff Parking Permit Reciprocity

University of California Policy

The University of California campuses offer reciprocity for faculty and staff parking permits. Each campus has a unique set of circumstances relating to various parking issues (spaces availability, rates, access by gate, kiosks, specific designated lots, etc.). Because of these differences, the permit holder should contact the campus parking office to arrange reciprocal parking. By contacting the campus, faculty and staff will know what to expect before they get there.

When you arrive at the campus you are visiting, stop at the Information & Parking booth or the Parking Office to obtain a permit for that specific campus at no charge. This will enable the host campus to give appropriate information about available parking and additional access (such as a mag stripe access ticket to UCLA gate-controlled areas) if needed. The individual must present a current, valid parking permit from their home campus as well as a current UC ID in order to be eligible for reciprocal parking.

Reciprocity among the UC campuses expedites University business for faculty and staff members at the host campus and is valid for up to five consecutive days per quarter. If an employee from another UC campus is working or teaching for a longer period than five days, they must purchase a permit from the host campus.

Student permits do not have reciprocity. Students from other UC campuses must purchase parking at each individual campus according to the availability and rate for that campus. If a student from one campus is enrolled in a class at another campus, the student should apply for a permit according to the regulations and eligibility set forth by the host campus.