Faculty and Staff Permit Eligibility

Please select your applicable category for detailed eligibility information. If you have further questions or are ready to apply for a permit, please contact your commute coordinator. UCLA undergraduate students employed by the University are not eligible for employee parking through a UCLA department. They must apply for parking through the student parking assignment process. 

Employees Appointed at 43.75% Time or More

UCLA faculty and staff, career or limited appointment, who are employed at least 43.75% time are eligible to purchase a parking permit. 

Note: Active full-time vanpool members are not eligible to purchase a UCLA Parking Permit.

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Faculty and Staff with Disabilities

Faculty and staff with accessible needs who are employed at least 43.75% time are eligible to purchase an Accessible Parking permit. UCLA faculty and staff with disabilities must purchase a parking permit and provide UCLA Transportation with their disabled person's license plate or placard registration.

With a DMV Permanent Disabled Person's Parking Placard/License Plate

Work with your Commute Coordinator to complete the proper form requesting a transfer to an Accessible Parking Blue (APBL) permit. The APBL permit is provided at the same rate as a Yellow permit. To complete the transfer, bring your completed form and a copy of your placard registration or disabled person's license plate registration and your current permit to UCLA Transportation, and we will convert your regular parking assignment to APBL.

With a DMV Temporary Disability Placard

Contact your Commute Coordinator or call UCLA Transportation at (310) 206-3884 for further instructions.

Without a DMV Placard/License Plate Who Would Like to Request a Short-Term Transfer to Alternate Parking.

Work with your Commute Coordinator to complete the temporary permit request form. The form must also be completed and signed by your personal physician. Temporary permits will be issued for no more than one quarter and cannot be renewed more than six times consecutively. A new form will be required for each temporary permit. 

For more information on how to obtain a placard, please visit the DMV website

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Graduate Student Staff, Research Assistants, and Teaching Assistants

Graduate student staff, research assistants, and teaching assistants employed at least 43.75% time may purchase parking on a quarterly basis during the term of their employment. If a graduate student has a year-long appointment, the commute coordinator must submit written confirmation. The graduate student employee may then purchase parking on an annual basis as long as it is verifiable through the UCLA payroll system. Graduate students who are paid by outside sources other than UCLA will be required to provide documentation to state their position with the University (such as their stipend or grant).

Graduate student employees who do not meet the eligibility details above must apply for parking through the student parking assignment process. 

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Resident Physicians, Interns, Fellowship, and Traineeship Holders

Resident physicians, interns, fellowship holders, and traineeship holders employed at least 43.75% time may purchase parking on an annual or quarterly basis.

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Consultants/Employees Hired through Outside Agencies

Consultants and employees hired through outside agencies (i.e., those who are not on the UCLA payroll) must be employed at least 43.75% time in order to be parked within the hiring department's allocations. These employees may purchase parking on a monthly (if employed less than three months), quarterly, or annual basis for the duration of their job assignment.

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UCLA and Hospital Volunteers

Volunteers who provide uncompensated services to UCLA, and who are on campus no more than two (2) times per week and no more than four (4) hours each visit, are eligible to purchase a UCLA and Hospital Volunteers permit. If a volunteer is on campus more than four hours, two days a week, a full-fee permit should be purchased for them. A written request must be submitted by the commute coordinator to Parking Services for approval. Any request for a Courtesy Permit must be made in writing and sent in advance to Parking Services.

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Clinical Faculty

Clinical faculty who provide uncompensated services to UCLA and who are on campus no more than two (2) times per week for no more than four (4) hours each visit are eligible for courtesy parking. Clinical faculty who are compensated must purchase a full-fee employee parking permit on a quarterly or annual basis.

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Emeritus Faculty and Retired Staff

Emeritus faculty members and retired staff (with restrictions) are eligible for parking. Permit type is dependent upon status and length of service. Initial approval for parking is provided by the Emeriti/Retirees Relations Center. The center can provide eligibility requirements and information regarding the approval process. 

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Permits for Vendors and Contractors

Vendor permits are intended for approved campus vendors. Individuals and/or companies who have a service contract or agreement with UCLA and require access to the campus on a routine basis are eligible to purchase a vendor permit. 

Anyone doing business with the University is required to follow all applicable parking rules and regulations.

  • Campus vendors: Contact the UCLA Purchasing Department at (310) 794-6029
  • Hospital vendors: Contact the Hospital Material Management & Purchasing Department at (310) 794-3620
  • ASUCLA vendors: Contact the ASUCLA Human Resources Department at (310) 825-7055

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Second Permit Decal for Staff and Faculty

UCLA staff and faculty may be issued a maximum of two decals for each individual full-fee permit. These two decals represent one UCLA parking permit. Employees who request a second decal must certify that only one decal will be used on the UCLA campus at any time. If a second vehicle is parked on campus on a single day, a daily fee must be paid for that vehicle at an . No permit holder will receive more than one (1) access card. 

The following individuals are not eligible for a second parking decal:

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Parking Services
Email: [email protected] | Phone: (310) 206-3884