Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) Walk Benefits

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Who is eligible for BCC Walk Benefits?

In order to receive Bruin Commuter Club Walk Benefits, participants must:

  • Be a current UCLA faculty or staff member
  • Be a Bruin Commuter Club (BCC) member
  • Use walking as primary commute mode to UCLA for a minimum of three consecutive months
  • Not receive benefits or subsidies from any other alternative mode of transportation
  • Live within four miles of the UCLA campus
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What are the BCC Walk Benefits?

Members can select one or more of the following items for a total value of $50 (annual benefit):

  • Commuter passport from UCLA Recreation: $25 value
  • Amazon gift card: $25 or $50 value

How do I get my BCC Walk Benefits?

Click here to apply for your walk benefits online.