Real Time Tracking Comes to Culver CityBus with Next CCBus App

Real time tracking is coming to Culver CityBus with the Next CCBus app, available beginning Tuesday, March 3.

The Next CCBus app will provide real time GPS tracking info updated every five seconds. In addition to tracking the location of your Culver CityBus, it will give bus arrival predictions, rider alerts, and the ability to plan a trip. Real time tracking will also be available through the following:

To ensure you don't miss the bus, please arrive at your stop at least two minutes before the estimated stop time. Please keep in mind that delays due to detours, traffic incidents, construction, weather, or equipment problems may affect the accuracy of estimated stop times.

UCLA Transportation offers two subsidized options for Bruins to ride Culver CityBus at a discounted rate:

Culver CityBus Line 6/Rapid 6 offers convenient stops on the UCLA campus as well as an affordable way to get to LAX.