Bruin Commuter Club Benefits

Bruin commuter club

UCLA faculty, staff, & students utilizing sustainable verifiable transportation modes or not holding a single-occupancy vehicle parking permit are automatically Bruin Commuter Club members and may be eligible for benefits.

To be considered eligible, staff and faculty must have an "active" status in the UCLA Employee Database with an appointment time of 43.75% or more.

Graduate students with a staff appointment time must be a registered UCLA student and have an "active" status in the UCLA Employee Database with a 100% appointment time. Undergraduate UCLA students are only eligible for benefits if they are utilizing transit or carpool as their main commute mode.

Available BCC Benefits

                                                                      Emergency. Ride Home                                                                            

Bruin Commuter Transit Benefit Program - Free quarterly Go Metro pass and/or BruinGO! pass  

*Bike Shop Voucher                                       Walking Gift Card                                  
Earn-A-Bike    XXX 
Biking XX 
Walking    X

*UCLA Bike Shop, Helen’s Cycles, Los Angeles County Biking Coalition, La Brea Bike Works, and The Bike Center

The Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program is designed to help UCLA faculty, staff, & students using sustainable commute options go home or to their designated park & ride in the event of an unexpected emergency or unscheduled overtime. Eligible participants receive two (2) free one-way rides per fiscal year. Contact our customer service team as soon as you realize that you may need this service.

Please note, rules and policies of the ERH program may change without notification to eligible participants.

Transit Benefit

UCLA Transportation’s Bruin Commuter Transit Benefit program offers one free quarterly Go Metro pass and/or a BruinGO! pass for eligible students, staff, and faculty.

Participants must be current UCLA students, staff, or faculty with a valid BruinCard and must not have held a UCLA-subsidized transit pass, joined any other transit promotion within the last two years, or purchased a GoMetro/BruinGO! pass. UCLA Transportation will not provide refunds to customers who currently hold a Go Metro or BruinGO! pass to take advantage of this program.

Additionally, participants must fall into one of the categories below:

  • Current SOV permit (must cancel permit for transit benefit)
  • Carpool permit holder (only eligible for BriunGO! pass)
  • Registered UCLA student
  • New employee
  • Current active bike commuters

To participate in the Bruin Commuter Transit Incentive program, please click here to register using the form and complete the Metro Survey. If you are eligible, you will receive an email notification with instructions on how to obtain your transit pass.  

Bruin Commuter Club members (staff and faculty only) who commute to campus by biking can select one or more of the following items (up to a $50 value):

    Helen’s Cycles Vouchers (Santa Monica location only)

    • Choose between a $25 or $50 value
    • Can be used toward the purchase of a bicycle, parts, accessories and more

    La Brea Bike Works Vouchers

    • Choose between a $25 or $50 value

    The Bike Center Vouchers (locations in Santa Monica and Culver City)

    • Choose between a $25 or $50 value

    Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) Membership

    • Through advocacy, education, and organizing, we work with our members and volunteers to improve the built environment in Los Angeles, so that people walking and biking can safely navigate their communities.
    • A $25 value

    To apply for your bike voucher:

    1. Register your bike through Bike Index free of charge.
    2. Register for your bike benefits through this form.

    Note: The following vouchers are unavailable until further notice.

      UCLA Bike Shop Vouchers

      • Choose between a $25 or $50 value
      • Can be used toward bicycle equipment, tune ups, accessories and more

      Commuter Passport from UCLA Recreation*

      • Provides access to on-campus showers at the Student Activities Center
      • A $25 value

        *UCLA Commuter Passports will be available for pickup at John Wooden Center within three business days from receipt of incentive confirmation email. Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) memberships will be sent by mail from LACBC. All other vouchers will be emailed to you.

        Incentives are nontransferable and have expiration dates. UCLA Commuter Passports and LACBC memberships expire one year from purchase date. All other vouchers expire at the end of each fiscal year (June 30).

        For more information or questions regarding BCC Bike Benefits, please contact us at [email protected].


        Bruin Commuter Club members (staff and faculty only) who commute to campus by walking can select one or more of the following items for a total value of $50 (annual benefit):

        • Commuter passport from UCLA Recreation: $25 value (Unavailable until further notice)
        • Amazon gift card: $25 or $50 value

        Additional eligible requirements before applying for walk benefits: 

        • Active walkers must live within a four-mile radius of the UCLA campus and not have a parking permit for a minimum of three consecutive months.

        Apply for your walk benefits