Commute Options

How to access campus

UCLA Transportation is committed to promoting access and mobility in an environmentally responsible manner. Because space on campus is extremely limited and emissions impact our environment, we highly recommend sharing you commute with others or participating in active transportation. Use the UCLA Trip Planner to choose your commute today!

For questions regarding commute options, email [email protected] or Ask Transportation.

Public Transit     Public Transit Graphic

UCLA Transportation subsidizes UCLA students and employee transit pass costs for seven transit agencies. Avoid traffic, relax, sleep, study, or read with transit. Students and employees who are new to the University or new to riding transit may be eligible for a free quarterly transit pass through the Bruin Commuter Transit Benefit program.

Subsidized Transit Passes:


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Commute with Enterprise and other private vanpool vendors offer an alternative to driving your personal vehicle. Participants privately lease seven or ten seat vehicles and commute together from common pick up locations across Southern California. They have access to HOV lanes, toll lanes, vehicle upkeep and maintenance services, and appreciation perks.

Please note, these private vendors operate separately from the University and have no affiliation with UCLA Transportation. 



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Riding a bicycle to campus is a sustainable, economical, and healthy alternative to driving alone. Bicycle commuters can take advantage of over 3,500 bike racks and lockers located throughout campus, as well as these additional benefits:

Eligible employees and graduate students can join the Earn-A-Bike program and receive a free $450 bicycle package in exchange for their parking permit.

The UCLA Bike Shop offers DIY repairs, commuter group rides, and a variety of free classes.

UCLA Faculty and staff can purchase a discounted Commuter Passport from UCLA Recreation for access to shower facilities on campus.



When you walk to campus, across campus for a meeting, or Westwood for lunch and errands, you are doing something worthwhile for yourself and the environment. Studies show that walking promotes physical and mental health in addition to making a valuable contribution to cleaner air. For walking benefits and tips, visit UCLA Walking.



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Join in on a carpool or form our own with fellow Bruins within the UCLA community.

Whether you are a student, faculty or staff member, carpooling can save you time and money. You will be able to access high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes and share the cost of gas and other car-related expenses. Riding in a carpool is also a more environmentally friendly alternative to a single rider commute.

To find a carpool buddy within the UCLA community, visit UCLA Trip Planner when you form a carpool or join an existing one. You can extend your savings even further by applying together for a reduced fee permit, make more friends, and get more smiles-per-gallon!


campus ParkingParking Graphic


Space is extremely an extremely limited resource on campus. Although we highly recommend using alternative transportation options, we understand that is not viable for everyone. To park in UCLA facilities, UCLA Transportation offers drivers parking permit options. Faculty and staff may reach out to their department Commute Coordinator for more information on permit availability and pay via payroll deduction, while students may apply each quarter. 

Student parking is not guaranteed and access for a single occupancy vehicle permit is offered based on a prioritization process. An application must be submitted within the parking application deadline, offers are not on a first-come, first-served basis, but on the following criteria:

  • Graduate students 
  • Eligible carpools and Regent Scholars  
  • Upperclassmen (seniors and juniors)
  • Underclassmen (sophomores and freshmen)

Eligible carpool students are given priority within each category, so we highly recommend using the UCLA Trip Planner to share your commute.


Customer Service

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